Cambridge Meta-Leadership is the home for advisory, coaching, conflict resolution, speaking, and training services in meta-leadership. Derived from the observations and insights in high-stress, high-stakes crisis leadership situations, meta-leadership has become a widely accepted approach to leadership in all settings where unity of effort across organizational boundaries is required.

Meta-leadership integrates the internal and external aspects of leadership through a three dimensional framework and practice method that is intensely practical while also being conceptually robust. The dimensions are useful lenses for creating clarity in times of crisis as well as for meeting more routine leadership challenges.

The principals at Cambridge Meta-Leadership have observed leaders in the moment responding to natural disasters, terror attacks, and other crisis situations. They have trained and advised senior executives from government agencies, major corporations, and non-governmental organizations. They are among the world’s foremost experts on leadership in complex environments. They also have deep experience in negotiation and conflict resolution. They have mediated numerous intra- and inter-organizational disputes. They have also coached leaders and their teams in collaboration and multi-dimensional problem solving.