Be Careful Who You Designate a “Leader”

2012-11-15T21:07:07+00:00By |Corprate Leadership, Meta-Leadership|

The recent departure of Steven Sinofsky from the ranks of Microsoft's senior management presents an ideal opportunity to use the five dimensions of meta-leadership to dissect why some succeed and others fail as leaders. Part of the problem may be that too many in organizations and in the media automatically call senior executives "leaders" whether [...]

Renegotiating Global Health Leadership

2011-12-27T16:30:51+00:00By |Meta-Leadership, Public Health|

Humanitarians increasingly find themselves in conflict-stricken areas making their jobs more trying and dangerous than ever before.  Yet the need has never been greater: not only must they tackle the traditional challenges of infectious disease but now must also deal with "first world" maladies such as diabetes and obesity. In this piece originally published in [...]

Assessing Steve Jobs as a Leader

2012-08-23T21:04:53+00:00By |Corprate Leadership, Meta-Leadership|

Eric McNulty takes a look at the leadership impact of Apple CEO Steve Jobs -- with a view to why the many assessments that poured forth after his death were premature. Apple certainly makes wonderful products but it will take time to determine if Jobs was as great a leader as some have dubbed him [...]

The Complexity of Complexity

2012-08-23T21:05:23+00:00By |Meta-Leadership|

Much of management is about simplifying complexity—leadership requires embracing it. Spreadsheets, process flow diagrams, slideware, organizational charts: Each of these helps codify a commitment to a worldview that is linear, orderly, and predictable. Relationships are precisely delineated.  Plans march step-by-step toward a predetermined end. Cause and effect are crystal clear. Unfortunately, the world in which [...]

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