In Search of Elegance

2022-06-03T17:26:39+00:00By |Corprate Leadership|

One of the challenges of leading is the "simultaneous solve." That is, leaders must often solve for multiple variables or meet the needs of different stakeholders at the same time. It requires comfort with paradox and skill at finding common ground. In a recent piece for strategy+business, Eric McNulty explores the challenges and opportunities in [...]

Covid on the Plane? Keep Those Masks On

2022-06-03T13:01:31+00:00By |Corprate Leadership, Crisis Leadership, Public Health|

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Leonard Marcus has been working with leaders in the aviation industry to help create consistency in evidence-based safety protocols across the major U.S.-based carriers. This work was done through the Aviation Public Health Initiative (APHI) at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. A full report on the APHI's [...]

The Future of Leadership

2019-02-25T20:30:06+00:00By |Collaboration, Conflict Resolution, Corprate Leadership, Meta-Leadership|

In a recent article for the Journal of Leadership Studies, CML principals Leonard Marcus and Eric McNulty argue that leadership will remain a profoundly human endeavor. They draw examples from healthcare where, as in many industries, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics are making once judgement-based decisions more routine. While this takes some work off the [...]

Be Careful Who You Designate a “Leader”

2012-11-15T21:07:07+00:00By |Corprate Leadership, Meta-Leadership|

The recent departure of Steven Sinofsky from the ranks of Microsoft's senior management presents an ideal opportunity to use the five dimensions of meta-leadership to dissect why some succeed and others fail as leaders. Part of the problem may be that too many in organizations and in the media automatically call senior executives "leaders" whether [...]

The Limits of Leader Control

2012-10-25T20:32:40+00:00By |Corprate Leadership|

This post originally appeared at The rambunctious, topsy-turvy U.S. Presidential campaign took its latest turn on Tuesday night. From jobs to gas prices to world events, central to the arguments advanced by both candidates was the idea of exerting control. Governor Romney, in particular, has criticized President Obama for "leading from behind" rather than [...]

Assessing Steve Jobs as a Leader

2012-08-23T21:04:53+00:00By |Corprate Leadership, Meta-Leadership|

Eric McNulty takes a look at the leadership impact of Apple CEO Steve Jobs -- with a view to why the many assessments that poured forth after his death were premature. Apple certainly makes wonderful products but it will take time to determine if Jobs was as great a leader as some have dubbed him [...]

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