Covid on the Plane? Keep Those Masks On

2022-06-03T13:01:31+00:00By |Corprate Leadership, Crisis Leadership, Public Health|

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Leonard Marcus has been working with leaders in the aviation industry to help create consistency in evidence-based safety protocols across the major U.S.-based carriers. This work was done through the Aviation Public Health Initiative (APHI) at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. A full report on the APHI's [...]

Eric McNulty Interviewed on Transfomational Energy Leadership Podcast

2019-06-02T17:53:59+00:00By |Crisis Leadership, Meta-Leadership|

Recently, CML's Eric McNulty was interviewed by Dr. Matthew Allen Woolsey, host of Transformational Energy Leadership on Voice America Radio. They discussed many facets of crisis meta-leadership and the "you're it" moments included in the new book written by CML principals, Leonard Marcus, Eric McNulty, Joseph Henderson, and Barry Dorn. Listen to the full program [...]

Turning Five Crisis Leader Pitfalls into Opportunities

2019-02-25T20:21:45+00:00By |Crisis Leadership, Meta-Leadership|

Crises are among the most daunting challenges for leaders. The very nature of true crises – complex, high-consequence events that threaten physical, emotional, economic, and/or reputational health – test a leader’s ability to discern what is happening and what is to be done. The word “crisis” derives from the Greek “krisis” or decision. The contemporary [...]

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